Sunny day in London! 

Sitting at heathrow airport chilling with a Starbucks. Very tired after our overnight flight from Calgary. Can’t wait to get to Cape Town!

Gotta hand it to British Airways – what a great airline! Decent amount of legroom for the cattle class, excellent service, meals that were actually reasonably enjoyable, free blankets, pillows, and toothbrushes. All in all an “enjoyable” overnight flight experience. 

Arrival at Heathrow was another pleasant surprise. We’ve never seen the newer terminal five and my recollection of Heathrow is endless slow moving lines. They rocketed us through customs and security in minutes and there were hundreds of people in line! Years ago, we spent THREE hours in lines and then had to run for our gate! Everyone we encounter is smiling and pleasant to deal with. 

So far my only complaint is the serious lack of women’s washroom facilities – crazy queues waiting for a washroom and madness around the sinks with everyone crowding around four sinks brushing teeth and touching up makeup! It’s an extremely busy terminal and I don’t understand why there are so few toilets for women.

Five hours until takeoff!!

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