Day one… Jet lag!!

We arrived in Cape Town exhausted after an 11 plus hour flight from Heathrow. Again, hats off to BA for a decent flight experience. Did I mention they still offer one free checked bag? That means there is plenty of space onboard for bags and the plane loads reasonably quickly! 

There was a family a couple rows ahead of us with two kids under four plus a baby of about eight months. I swear they must have drugged those three kids because we didn’t even know they were there for the entire flight, aside from seeing mom take a few photos of baby sleeping in the cradle. 

We managed to get Jessica through customs. I was a bit worried with all the new regulations in South Africa that we might have some issues. The lady that checked us in back in Calgary had frowned at the paperwork and made a very serious phone call about visas before letting us check our bags… Needless to say VERY glad we had zero hassle with our different names.

Our bags showed up on time – we continue to be rediculously lucky with bags and have (knock wood) never had one delayed or lost. (I think I’ve passed all my bad baggage luck onto Karen – she loses hers with great regularity!) 

Alex the “friendliest cab driver in Cape Town” met us at arrivals as planned. I always feel so important when someone is standing at the airport with my name on a sign. Annoys Grant every time because it’s always MY last name! (Hey – I’m the one who organized the transportation!) 

We zipped off to the georgeous little DysArt botique hotel where they took one look at Jess, laughed, and wheeled the crib out of our room and replaced it with a cot. Thankfully we were able to check in early and shower and unpack a few things. What a beautiful little hotel!! I think we are going to really enjoy our two nights there.

We walked the 2km down to the waterfront for lunch and some shopping. Had to peel Jess off the bed poor kid. Trying to keep everyone up until a reasonable bedtime as we’ve got a tour booked tomorrow. Wandered around shopping (of course) and taking it all in. The cloud cleared and we were treated to a spectacular view of table mountain. 

Finally sat down for a bit of dinner and managed to find a Cowboy/ Native American themed restaurant with a wonderful view of table mountain. Feeling very much at home and Stampedey at the moment! Jess is off having her face painted and I’m taking advantage of their free wifi! 

Just confirmed our tour for tomorrow morning. Time to head to the room and catch up on some much needed sleep!

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