More South Africa pics

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Mopane caterpillar… not yummy at all


eating a very African kebab


Jessica selfie with her bubble tea


wonderful ladies working overtime to do Jess’s hair

Jess LOVES Spur… us not so much really!

An ostrich so in love with his mate he’s “always ready”

Penguins in the moonlight

a small portion of our room at Spier

AMAZING menu – ate there twice

Beautiful restaurant at Spier


They put TOMATOES on my pizza!


Oxtail stuffed in calamari



Chicken wrapped in bacon


Chocolate tart with olive oil ice cream


sweetest wait staff anywhere. hands down!


Jess and a grumpy owl


Jess at the wine tasting (grape juice fior kids)


Cheers Dad!


Yes, mom had grape juice too!


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  1. Bonnie Putt says:

    Enjoying your trip by email – brings back lots of great

    Cheers, Bonnie


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