Down to the wire…

11:04 PM. Grant is blissfully sleeping after spending the afternoon and evening drinking and golfing with coworkers. His bags are sitting all packed and ready to go. (I hate him just a little bit right now.)

Jess is in bed – only half of the things she needs to do for tomorrow completed.  She’s miserable because her sore knee is really acting up and she can’t join in on the last day of school hike. So she’ll miss saying goodbye to all her friends. Plus she’s just fully realized she won’t see the hamster or the dog for five weeks either. It’s been a difficult evening to say the least. Poor munchkin!

And what is mom up to? Just checked us in for flights. Finishing laundry. Watering the garden. Backing up data off the video camera. Organizing passports and paperwork and sorting money and travel vouchers and praying the “toner low” on the printer is not very accurate. Doublechecking gear and travel chargers. Tidying the laundry room.

Spent my lunch hour at the bank -again – this time returning USD that is too old to accept in Africa. Confused the poor teller and caused a massive line up!

Still have to Hudson-proof the downstairs bedroom and do a full housecleaning before we leave at 7pm tomorrow. Never mind the state of my office (camping/travel gear EXPLOSION) I also need to be at work from 7:30-12:00 tomorrow (and figure out how to do 16 hours of work in 4) and then dash home to head to the doctor appointment. This has more or less been my week! Pretty sure there won’t be any sleep tonight either!

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