Five days and two last minute logistical problems 

Things are just starting to shape up and look like we might be actually ready to hit the airport on Friday with reasonably well packed bags. Then we discover TWO relatively major issues:

First, Pat received a letter this week from the UK government stating that she must fill out the enclosed form and send it back to the British government or she loses her British pension. She has four weeks left to have the form back in their hands (they kindly suggest in the letter that we courier our reply!)

Not a problem, I think, until I read the fine print. The form must be certified, which means she has to sign in the presence of a professional – can probably have one of the doctors do it but that means hours off work to go there and chase one down… I’m mid-budget season and Grant is dealing with a major injury incident at work. ALSO, said professional must see a photo ID. Pat does not HAVE a valid photo ID. Her passport expired years ago, and the drivers license is even older. We are going to have to figure out how to either convince a professional to certify the document using expired ID, or get her passport renewed first. We have five business days to sort it out!!

Next, I was leafing through the last minute trip preparation information from our tour operator. They insist we need a yellow fever shot to travel back through South Africa if we’ve visited Zambia. (Which we intend to do) in FEBRUARY, when we went to the travel clinic the woman insisted South Africa no longer included Zambia as a must-have. Further research shows mixed opinions. To be on the safe side, we really need to get a yellow fever vaccine in the next five business days. Last time I got one I was sick for days, which is why I had opted out this time of we didn’t really need it for health reasons.

Grant has also (predicably) decided that he really needs all new travel clothes – despite my repeated nagging for MONTHS to go shopping. So while he runs round town getting his hair cut and buying clothes, I will be packing and dealing with all the last minute logistics. Business as per usual with our family!

Good times!

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