Ten days to go…PANIC!

TEN days. Ten. How the hell did that even happen? The list of trip related things left to do is still pretty long and there is ZERO time to do it! I still need to take some clothes back that didn’t work out, confirm arrangements, re-check visa requirements, pick up more currency, pick up prescriptions, buy some more odds and ends, and – minor issue – PACK!

Work is insane – budget season is upon us and I’m trying to justify and kick off three projects before I leave AND budget/plan for about ten more before MONDAY. Never mind wrapping up all the loose ends and handing them off… SO not going to happen. My coworkers are stepping up big time to help out but they are just as overloaded as I am and I feel terrible asking them to help!
Grant’s work is just as busy. He’s dealing with a major injury investigation and has mandatory training tomorrow to attend. Somehow he has to do both at once as his coworker is having surgery tomorrow!

Home is just as mental. My laundry room is a swamp full of 4 people’s damp camping gear from last weekend’s backcountry trip (great trip with some newbie friends – tiny matter of some hail while we were packing up to make everything wet.), Pat’s laundry from the hospital, and all of ours that I’m behind on because I was away all weekend! The house needs a top to bottom clean before Raven arrives, the bedroom downstairs needs to be Hudson-proofed for when Giselle stays here on her holidays, Pat’s apartment needs a tidy and we need to pick up her mail, and my yard needs a complete weeding and the pond drained. (For those of you who have seen my yard you realize that 10-15 hours is a reasonable estimate to get the weeding alone done.)

Jess still has three PAT exams to prepare for and we have a drumming class tomorrow night. I need to spend a couple hours a night studying with her. She is camping with my parents this weekend so I need to pack for that as well.

I also have to finalize all the details for Pat’s care while we are away. At some point I have to get her laundry and mail to the hospital and go for a visit. Except I can’t GO to the hospital – I’ve had the flu since Sunday afternoon. Good times.

Oh. And the small matter of the block party I’m planning with some ladies from the neighbourhood. I need to canvass and get 25-30 households to sign off on the idea BEFORE I leave!

I think I’m going to have the best sleep of my life on that plane to London!!

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