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Train Ride to Hanoi

The train ride from Hue to Hanoi was an eye opener to say the very least. We boarded the train at around 5pm and we would arrive in Hanoi at 5:30am, so we were...


More from Hanoi

Our first day in Hanoi, we tried the brekkie at our hotel which was pretty dismal, so off we went to Tamarind café for waffles again.  We didn’t get a good sleep because of...


Update from Hue

We’ll pick up the story in Hue. Our driver Bill showed up right on time for our ride to Hue. We were quite happy to leave the Greenfield Hotel, but sad to be leaving...


More from Vietnam

The first night in Hoi An was fairly uneventful. We had a terrible meal because I insisted we just stop at the first café we saw and we hadn’t had any time to look...


Vietnam Updates

Whew -– finally have some time to sit down and catch up on this blog. We have been having way too much fun –- we’’re already in Cambodia and I am still working on...


Hello from Saigon

First an update on the last frantic post. I am pretty sure that the only thing getting into the room is the gecko that I saw scurry up the wall directly after I posted,...


3am in Saigon….

It is 3am and I can hear rats. I turned off the noisy air-con and lo and behold…. Up until now Jessica was sleeping on the floor on a thermarest. What if they bite...


Good Morning Vietnam!!!

Just arrived in Saigon after a quick night’s stopover in Singapore. I’m way behind on my blogging because I’ve been frantically booking stuff for Asia and I’ve been feeling pretty crap lately. So, figured...


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