Good Morning Vietnam!!!

Just arrived in Saigon after a quick night’s stopover in Singapore. I’m way behind on my blogging because I’ve been frantically booking stuff for Asia and I’ve been feeling pretty crap lately. So, figured I’d catch up later…..

So far this place is crazy! The plane ride was pretty uneventful until Jessica announced AS WE’RE LANDING that she has to go pee REALLY BAD. Of course, Mommy doesn’t even have an emergency diaper with her anymore. Poor kid actually held it for about half an hour until we managed to find a bathroom.

The hotel minibus met us right at the gate, which was well worth the extra few bucks, and the ride through town was nothing short of chaotic. The hotel is pretty nice, and reasonably priced. My head still hurts from the heat, pollution, and all the horn blowing. But, I’m so happy to be here and I’m going to get off this computer and go in search of some noodles!!

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