Hello from Port Lincoln!

I’ve just uploaded a few more photos for those of you who are interested….

Just a short note today – we’ve arrived in Port Lincoln after several very hot & windy days on the road. 39 degrees is NOT lovely spring weather IMHO!! The towns we passed through were actually listing annual rainfall as well as population on the signs! The windcatcher lived up to its nickname and it took just about every ounce of my attention to keep it on the road. My arms were aching just from holding the wheel for about an hour. Whew! Unfortunately, we have to drive the same road once we leave here. Hopefully there’s not as much wind next week!

There are lots of fires in Australia at the moment and it’s very dry in this part of the country. Water restrictions everywhere, too.

Grant heads off on his shark dive tonight – after some mix up with the bookings. They actually completely lost our booking. To fix it, they kicked Rodney Fox – founder of the company and the famous shark bite survivor that everyone hopes to meet on the tours – off the trip and gave Grant Andrew Fox’s (the son who runs most of the tours)  private cabin. Lucky!! Hopefully he gets to see some sharks over the next few days and I will try and upload any decent photos we get ASAP.

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