Hello from Jindabyne!

Here we are in the Snowy Mountains…. in early spring! It’s COLD here, dammit! We had originally intended to head down the coast from Canberra to Melbourne, but we ran into a guy at a campsite that said this route was amazing, so here we are freezing our asses off! I actually bought mittens and a toque for Jessica today.

Life has been fairly uneventful over the past day or so. We wasted a lot of time in Canberra going from one place to another trying to get the heater fixed in the campervan. It does actually work, but only when it’s on full blast so it’s not adjustable and it doesn’t get very hot even when on full blast all night. Hopefully it hangs in there and we’ll decide in Melbourne if we want to bother fixing it.

We did manage to get to the Australian War Memorial in Canberra. Awesome museum -although the bean was a bit bored by it all. We also managed to get our RTW flights ticketed after a couple of visits to the Qantas office and nearly giving the poor agent heart failure! So, we’re FINALLY booked for the round the world flights…. and just managed to get in before the price increased on the fares. It ended up costing way less than it would have in Canada, so worth the headache in the end. Essentially the difference in prices means Jessica flies for free!

Jessica is Slooooowly branching out with the eating habits. She declared that she is: “tired of peanut butter” at lunch today so hopefully this is a good thing. She has decided that yellow cheese slices are OK and they don’t have to be orange like at home. Of course,her two favorite fruits are stupidly expensive here at the moment. It’s $10 per kilo for grapes, and the major storms earlier this year wiped out banana crops…..so we paid $5 for two bananas. She better eat them!

Jessica has also developed a fascination with “bird poop” due to the major number of pigeons we’ve encountered recently. Much to the great amusement of passers-by, she announces “BIRD POOP – LOOK OUT DADDY DON’T STEP IN THE BIRD POOP!!” every time she sees some on the sidewalk. As you can imagine, this is an almost constant theme as we walk through cities!

The Snowy Mountains are absolutely beautiful. I’m really tempted to go skiing tomorrow, just to say I did it! I think it’s supposed to snow tonight. Poor Grant had hoped to go for two years with no snow – but no such luck! We’re booked into a Big 4 Caravan Park for two nights. I don’t think we’ll do that anymore. It’s so institutional and nowhere near as pretty as the other places we’ve stayed. Plus, it’s twice as expensive!

Well, I think we’re off for a walk round town. Internet is costing me a fortune, so likely I won’t be updating this until I can find some wireless connectivity. I can’t upload photos here, either – sorry everyone!

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