RTW – Welcome Post

Welcome! Thank you for joining us on our family adventure. Meet the family:

Mom/Tammy is 30 years old at time of departure. She recently finished an MBA and has made a career in IT project management and business analysis. Most recently, her area of specialty is in business continuity and disaster recovery. Tammy is the travel-junkie of the family and is the self-appointed trip planner. The primary goals of this trip for Tammy are to stop defining herself by what she does for a living, and to learn to relax! Things Tammy is most looking forward to on the trip: spending more time with her family, taking millions of pictures, and diving…especially the great white shark dive in Australia!

Dad/Grant is 39 years old at time of departure. He is currently a master electrician and has been in the trade for sixteen years. Grant is not exactly sure where we’re going on the trip, but he’s VERY excited and is busy working on his tan. Grant’s primary goals for this trip are to avoid any tropical diseases and to hang out with his girls. Grant is most looking forward to: coming home in one piece, sampling the local brews, and picking up some cool new lingo.

Bean/Jessica is 3 years old at time of departure. She is currently resisting potty training every single step of the way. She also steadfastly refuses to eat anything resembling meat, eggs, fish, noodles, rice, or vegetables. So this should make for an interesting trip! Jessica is getting quite excited about the trip, and has just purchased her very own miniature set of Tevas with strawberries on them and a teeny red backpack to match. Jessica is most looking forward to the helicopter ride from Calgary to Mexico…something Mommy is not entirely sure is in the itinerary, but we’ll see how the budget holds out!

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